Adding the Art


Sell Better

From a hot-dog stand all the way up to a multi-national retail chain. If your business sells things, we can provide a solution built to fit your needs.

Sell Faster

Have your application work on any device your audience uses. Receive an experience customized to the context you're in.

Sell More

We'll help you build tools that not only solve your problems but we'll also help your solution to stay on top of the game.


All E-commerce websites are supposed to Achieve the same Goal - Drive Traffic and Make Sales! So...Why do so many people own websites that Never Make a Profit?

Your website has to be powerful, emotion evoking and show your website visitor how their life would be better, happier, more complete, productive, profitable and easier - if they just owned what it is you are selling.

Outmaneuver, Outwit, Out Market and Outsmart the Competition!

How to Compete & Standout when everyone is selling the same thing?

Because everyone is selling the same thing, bying it from the same merchants and selling it to the same customers! With no difference in merchandise, companies resort to varying the prices through discounting to attract shoppers, thus making the business unsustainable.

Unless e-commerce firms start to differentiate their offerings significantly from each other, I do not see things improving.

The only way you differentiate yourself from the competition is the the experience you give the customer. And the way you compete on price is by having a dashboard that you control the code on that’ll reduce costs, track inventory sales metrics, and automate repetitive order management tasks through a simple to understand dashboard.

A platform that will save hours of manual effort and allow you to put that time back into your business and eCommerce websites.

Marketing Will Be the Force Used to Destroy Marketing in its Last Days.

Amazon's pulling ahead!

If category differentiation is not possible, e-commerce sites must offer customers (who are being acquired at high costs) a great experience through high levels of operational efficiency and earn their loyalty.

They must become boringly reliable, and in this regard, Amazon is now pulling ahead leaving competitors like Flipkart, Snapdeal and Paytm behind.

You need a shopping cart that is agile and user-friendly, you can launch your site quickly, adapt to market needs in real time, and achieve ROI faster than ever. And get custom plugins, templates, conversion optimized all in the same spot as well as bundles for small business.

Make More Money

You've got less than 2 seconds!

The clock starts the second you click the button and I'll need every click too count if I want to be profitable.

Let me clarify what I mean by profitability. Profits mean net profits. After everything. Not before anything.

Profitability is like pregnancy.

Either you are or your not.

What you need is a multiple shopping experience that includes Amazon and eBay. You should be able to manage inventory and sales through a single product control and distribution system for your web stores.

Give Them Something to Talk About!

Stop wastage I have a simple thumb rule for startup expenses till they break even. Invest significantly into anything the customer sees or experiences.

So investing into great systems, processes or technologies that impact customer experience is critical but spending on (say) luxurious workspaces with original Monets displayed inside and hand painted toilets is terrific for PR, but terrible for finances.

What you need is an irresistible, seamless shopping experience at every customer touchpoint with Django.

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